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There is only so many days and so many time and so many more women that I want to feel seen. This Women’s Month, these features have really allowed me to highlight some of the women in my network that inspire me. I feel incredibly blessed to have to agonize over the women I highlight, that tells me I am surrounding myself with the right people. There are still so many women out there, this post is dedicated to the a few I can’t wait to interview next year, or maybe one day soon.

For the women mentioned, I see you, I value you, I can’t wait to change the world with you.

Lizzie: For her activism and advocacy, her keen eye for design, community involvement and embodiment of the future I’d like to see. 


Lauren: Mental heath advocacy, her weekly gems, her community involvement. 

@thegemwithin @mindfulmanisalon

Desiree: Her transparency on health battles, her dedication to being a point of positive education in the beauty and health industry. 


Anna: philanthropy. Bringing gardens to inner cities. 


Raquel: Her community building, empowering women to break the confines of what society has told them to be. 


Yanz: Podcaster, writer. Highlighting, making space for creatives.


Zayed: Her work inspiring her community, organizing events, representing POC and women with her illustrations. 


Janeisy: Cosmic Vibes and The Aracena Foundation. Her work to restore Allapattah for its natives. 

@janeisy @thearacenafoundation @cosmicvibesco

Alexis: Transparency while dealing with loss, her inspiration, and styling. 

Adrienne: Black owned soon to be restaurant or food truck. Boos B&B. 

@boosbnb @adrikanee

Sydney: Lawyer & Podcaster. Seek The Joy Podcast, her inspiration, motivation, and transparency
@seekthejoypodcast @sydneyaw

Jenn: Author, community building, Karnl. 

@jennlareine @karnlmoon

Sorilyn: The Boss Babe Network, empowering women, inspiring community.
@sorilynrosario @thebossbabenetwork

Keila: Latina/ WOC representation via her work as an illustrator and in her merchandise.


Thank you Ladies. XO