Marivette Navarrete

Name: Marivette Navarrete

Founder: The Mujerista 

Where you can find her: Website: 

Instagram: @themujerista

Facebook: themujerista

Twitter: @themujerista

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Meet La Reina of “ The Mujerista” an online community dedicated to telling the stories of Latinas, and very recently and IRL The Mujerista Community & Working Space in the Little Haiti neighborhood in Miami. 

It is designed to be a shared creative, professional, and social club dedicated to empowering women with resources, opportunities, and connections through the collective space. “The mission is to create a united and inclusive sisterhood for our members to thrive—together, ” says Marivette.

Although The Mujerista is only one year old, they have been able to achieve their mission of creating space in the digital realm highlighting Latinxs making an impact in the community and sharing critical stories affecting our community; written entirely by Latinxs. Now, they are opening up a physical member-driven Community and Work Space in Miami focused on continuing their mission to uplift, empower, and celebrate the community. Through the space, members can work on building their brand while connecting and collaborating with fellow members. A curated calendar of events will also be available with the purpose of helping members further themselves in all aspects of their lives. 

What does success look like to you?

Success has looked like quite a lot of different things throughout the years. Now, that I'm on the verge of 30, it really is just always doing something that makes me happy and feel passionate about. Something that makes me feel like I'm making a difference in the lives of others. And all of that finally feels like it is happening for me right now.

Any opinions or advice, on balancing relationships or having a family VS. the perception of the public of women choosing success or love?

Do you. Pay no mind to the opinions of others on what you're doing or not doing. I have found love, and I am finding my own success--all without compromising. I think more than anything when it comes to balancing relationships and love with your career; it's about finding the right partner. A teammate. You need to have someone in your life that understands and can be honest with you; who wants to see you succeed and supports you each step of the way.

How do you remain committed to yourself and your goals? What does it look like? (journaling, mental checkins, meditation)

Finding ways to remain committed to myself and my goals are something that I am working on. So far, writing has been helpful. There's something about jotting down my intentions every few days that helps me organize and clear my mind. But, setting some time aside to talk with friends who understand my vision and journey has been invaluable. I have less than a handful of friends that I share my goals and struggles with, and vice versa. We get each other, celebrate our accomplishments (big or small), offer varying perspectives, and check in with one another without a sense of shame, embarrassment, fear of judgment.

What is your "why" ?

To support the voices and actions of the Latinx community that have long gone unheard or unseen. By doing so, we can inspire, uplift, and empower the future generation to be unapologetically Latinx.

How much of your success Do you attribute to your "tribe" Or Circle? What does yours look Like?

A ton. Without their support, I may have given up. They have lifted me up, provided sound advice, snapped me out of being in my own head...honestly, they have been everything for me in making The Mujerista happen. It's a teeny tiny circle, and we are all entrepreneurs.

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Why the Mujerista? What types are problems were you trying to solve or what were you trying to contribute?

The Mujerista's purpose stemmed from the necessity to tell the stories of Latinas--especially after the hateful, racist, sexist, and discriminatory rhetoric regarding minority groups during the 2016 presidential campaigns. Coupled with personal experiences I encountered of sexism at the workplace, machismo in the Latinx community, it made the path to create The Mujerista clearer and crucial. As a Latina, I know how underserved we are. We face many disadvantages and disparities not only outside our community but within it as well. Our perspectives and voices are often ignored, underrepresented, undermined, stereotyped. With The Mujerista, we can finally tell our stories.

What has been the scariest part of launching such a big project?

The financial aspect of it all. The Mujerista is self-funded; I've tapped into my savings and whatever is leftover after paying bills from my day job's paycheck goes to supporting The Mujerista. Now, with the Community and Workspace, the finances will get much scarier.

What has been the most rewarding?

The diverse stories that we have been able to share on our platforms. We have received many messages of appreciation or gratitude for these stories because readers have been able to relate or feel represented. This is what we set out to do, and each time we receive comments like these it's an incredible reminder of why we started and why we must keep going.

How did you know this was an idea you needed to act on?

Because I was looking for something like it; when I realized there was not much out there, I decided to create it myself. I felt I could not be the only one looking for a space that empowers and tells the stories of Latinas that is not fashion or gossip entertainment related. So, I built it. I reached out to peers to discuss the idea, and their reactions and excitement over The Mujerista made it that much more necessary that I act.

If you are interested in joining the space, doors opened in March and they are currently accepting membership applications! 

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