Kia Davis

Name: Kia Davis

Founder of Kiki’s Kini’s 

Where you can find her: ig: kikikinis website:

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Kia is the owner, founder, and head designer of Kiki’s Kini’s. Hand made bikinis and two piece sets. Twitter has crowned her the queen of the Netflix and Chill sets, Bella Hadid has worn pieces from her collections, and Fashion Nova and other fast fashion companies routinely steal her designs, which tells us she’s doing something right. 

She recently relocated to Puerto Rico and set up her studio in the heart of Old San Juan, and more recently announced she’d be opening a warehouses meaning more Kini’s and sets, more releases, and faster shipping! Right now she is essentially a one woman show, with the exception of her social media manager. A sweet heart but the fiercest boss, Kia is a girl to take note of.

How much effect, if any, has your gender had on your path to success, specifically in your field?

My gender has played a huge roll in my success. It has pushed me to work harder and better. I also have gotten a lot of support from all types of women and I am so grateful for the support system that we give each other!

What does success look like to you?

Comfort and stability

Any opinions or advice, on balancing relationships or having a family VS. the perception of the public of women choosing success or love?

Well, I'm still getting a hang of balancing relationships and my business. I have a lot of work on my plate but I am grateful to have friends and a boyfriend who help me find my balance! I get a lot of help from them with work and with finding time for myself! I learned that putting work aside for some free time is crucial to running a successful business.

How do you remain committed to yourself and your goals? What does it look like?

I have certain times in the day where I'll either meditate, write, or take a bubble bath to ease my mind.


What is your "why" ?

To become successful enough to help girls around the world find what they love doing

How do you deal with intellectual property theft?

I used to become very very upset but now I just ignore it. People will steal your ideas or your brand aesthetic but there's only one you. When people steal from me it usually motivates me to work harder!


How do you deal with growing demands?

I'm trying to expand as quickly as possible to reach my demand! I've been producing more and expanding my team!

What makes your creative process and production process unique in your industry?

My brand is unique because I focus on handmaking most of my pieces and upcycling older pieces and giving them a new life!

How has your business changed you or your lifestyle?

I am much more sustainable and I am willing to take more risks!