Ceressa Freeman

Name: Ceressa Freeman 

Owner: Supreme Frames

Where you can find her: Instagram : @thevampire @supreme.frames Website : www.supremeframesinc.com

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Ceressa, owner of Supreme Frames, the trendiest eyewear shop in Miami! I met Ceressa about a year ago at the panel i hosted for my first set of women’s month participants. I had seen the brand pop up on my feed many times so it was good to meet the face behind the brand.  I bought a pair of red sunglasses that have since gone missing, and we kept up with each others journeys. I loved watching the energy she puts into her company. She manages content, marketing, shoots models, participates in pop up shops as often as she can. Aside from that she is multi-talented. She can dance, she can sing (If I’m nice she might let me be her manager) and she recently started making beats so that she can post videos without worrying about copyright infringement. 

This January her company hit 2,000 orders, on top of that she became an ambassador, or a “Banish Warrior” for Banish Acne Scars Company and was invited to host a pop up alongside BoxyCharm for their Galentines day event. Her work ethic is inspiring, her personality electrifying and she’s doing it all while holding on to her 9-5 which she also enjoys. 

How much effect, if any, has your gender had on your path to success, specifically in your field?

It has honestly been an asset, seeing a black woman starting a business with her own money and handling daily logistics is inspiring. People want to see more of that! This movement has propelled my company.

What does success look like to you?

Financially Stable, a sense of calm within ones heart, being able to give meaningful gifts to love ones on more than just holidays, the act of enjoying a trip or activity that's solely funded by profit. And finally being able to give others opportunities because of your idea/business.

Any opinions or advice, on balancing relationships or having a family VS. the perception of the public of women choosing success or love?

If your partner does not understand your purpose... then let it go. Your partner should be fueling your rocket babe. Personally my boyfriend continuously gifts me items that contribute to my company and personal hobbies. You CAN have success and love. You CAN be extremely busy but if it's the right person in your path it will work. Many women choose success over love because love will truly always be there, we are compatible with more than one soul on this universe. Someone is just waiting to massage feet of a POWERHOUSE.

How do you remain committed to yourself and your goals? What does it look like?

Journaling..... the amount of paper i go through during the day is insane. (sorry world) I am constantly typing in my notes and skipping hulu dates I make with myself to work and produce content. I also have an AMAZING daily Affirmations book that I read every morning and night. I do get super antsy sometimes when executed releases or events so that book calms me.

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What is your "why" ?

Originally I made SF because I was about to graduate and needed to secure some money in case i wasn't hired immediately after college. I am the BUDGET QUEEN, but for some reason when purchasing sunglasses that mentality would be thrown out. I wanted to bring trendy/vintage sunglasses to people like me! A year and a half later I am vending for insane companies, meeting beautiful people, and growing a brand. Like what?! I do see the power of social media, and I am honestly hoping i can open up my non profit organization by headlining Supreme Frames and enhancing my personal Instagram. So many influencers take the money but don't have a true message. Many entrepreneurs take the money but... no message. I want to make money and create awareness. Help others. Humans... we can do a million things, our degrees do not contain us. Our current job is not how far we can go. We can expand , we can connect our hobbies into work. That's honestly my why, its all for a bigger purpose.

How much of your success Do you attribute to your "tribe" Or Circle? What does yours look Like?

ALOT! Everyone surrounding me tells me I can do it... everyone surrounding me also tells me when I am tripping! My tribe is honest and filled with powerful souls. My tribe exposes me to different avenues of the world, seeing what they do pumps me up.

How do you balance work life vs. entrepreneur. vs passion life?

The notes section of my phone runs my life, I am basically on autopilot. My company runs on releases and holidays so i make sure to order and create content for my hype seasons. My job as an Initiative Coordinator is super relaxed which I LOVE, And my passion life has some work to do. I need to start producing more content for myself.

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Do you see having a 9-5 while pursuing your goals as a tool or a deterrence?

A tool, I am constantly being exposed to events,vendors,and accounting methods. It heightens my execution for my own company.

What are some things you are proud of yourself for? What are some things you're still hard on yourself about?

Running my company as a one man show. Shipping, marketing, everything is solely me. BUT i am constantly battling the time I give to my mother, I see her every time I come home but I am always on my phone or computer trying to execute something new. I am working on our time together by going on movie dates and having netflix binge sessions though. My mom has her own daycare business and she always says can you become a millionaire so I can retire early?! I really wish i could just replicate myself to give her all the time in the world.

What helps you to maintain such vibrant and positive energy?

That "everything happens for a reason" mentality. Everyday i see how things connect. My company connected me to REYNA! And look what I am typing for. Miracles and blessings happen constantly and just the act of surprise makes me excited. Being kind takes you a long way, having a great work ethic and positive mind helps expand your business! People support people ! Who wants to help a a jerk? I wouldn't!

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