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There is only so many days and so many time and so many more women that I want to feel seen. This Women’s Month, these features have really allowed me to highlight some of the women in my network that inspire me. I feel incredibly blessed to have to agonize over the women I highlight, that tells me I am surrounding myself with the right people. There are still so many women out there, this post is dedicated to the a few I can’t wait to interview one day soon.

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Erika Arguello & Maria Copello Of Baiser Beauty

Erika & Maria are the co-founders of the cruelty free skin care and beauty brand Baiser Beauty. These two powerful women decided to use their skills, their heritage, and knowledge to create the kind of company they wanted to see in the world. 

Together they handle everything from production, packaging, design, customers, everything as the company continues to grow, most recently earning a space in Free People stores across the country. 

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Whitney Kerney

Whitney is a talented Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager. She employs aesthetically pleasing color palettes and shapes and creates images that make women feel good and often creates posts filled with affirmations. 

She using her own experience with healing tools after having survived abuse, and puts it into her action with projects like "Girls Who Self-Care”. She launched a platform where self-care and self-love is celebrated. “Where acts of self-care is more than just being a little self-indulgent, it's a launchpad into healing, finding, and loving yourself, and ultimately being the best version of yourself. “

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Joslyn Johnson 

I first met Joslyn a few years back when she hired me to shoot products and content for her company of thrifted vintage goods. I loved her immediately! She had such an eye and such a warm personality.

Creative direction and self care are second nature for her and I have enjoyed so much seeing her in her element throughout the various projects we’ve worked on together. 

These days she’s pouring her heart and soul into Nani Box, a self care box for women curated by her and a quarterly magazine. The box is subscription based and features things like undergarments, cremes, candles, anything she feels with help woman spend some intimate time with themselves. 

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DyAnna Moreno

There are so many reasons I admire DyAnna. She has been an example and mentor for me at times I’m sure she was unaware. Her creative eye, ambition, professionalism, and ever over-flowing heart are a few of the reasons. Her eye for design is unmatched, her creative process in itself is an art form. She gets fully engulfed in a project, she becomes the project. She collects physical bits of inspiration. She reminds me of what it must’ve been like before social media allowed us to hoard ideas with a click of a button.  She is humbly tackling larger clients day by day: NYFW, Ultra, IMG, UMG, and so many more all the while building community and fostering the “giver” in her with her Friends.Giving initiative.

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Suzi Analogue

Producer, Songwriter, Educator. Suzi Analogue is fully engulfed in an industry she loves. She has compared the process of creating to the inherent female process of creating life. Suzi took time from her busy schedule to answer my questions and shed light on what her drive looks like, where it stems from, and how she plans to make room for more women with big dreams like hers. She sheds light on the fact that she is in no way the only woman doing what she’s doing or one of “few”, instead there are many that need a platform and recognition and she is doing what she can to bring them to the forefront.

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Anna Cecilia

After coming out of an abusive relationship Anna realized how inaccessible healing tools can be for trauma survivors and created a non-profit organization, Project Babe, to change that. I’ve had the honor of seeing her in action at the Pace School for Girls, young survivors of sex trafficking and abuse, and one on one with young survivors of domestic abuse. 

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Maura Chanz

Laugh in the face of the people who told you you couldn’t do everything you put your mind to, or suggested you stay in one lane. Maura is proof of this. A renaissance woman, a jack of all trades. She is infinitely curious and allows herself to explore these curiosities and finds, she’s pretty good at a lot of things!  Besides being the owner of her own creative agency, she is an Actress, Writer, and the Founder of YouNeedTRIBE, a women's empowerment organization.

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Kia Davis

Kia is the owner, founder, and head designer of Kiki’s Kini’s. Hand made bikinis and two piece sets. Twitter has crowned her the queen of the Netflix and Chill sets, Bella Hadid has worn pieces from her collections, and Fashion Nova and other fast fashion companies routinely steal her designs, which tells us she’s doing something right. 

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I had the honor and pleasure of working on a flyer last fall that featured portraits of some very talented Atlanta based recording artists, that led to a song cover for CRISTNA last winter, and then a lyric video shortly after that. One thing I will always admire over popularity, money and talent, will always be a kind and genuine heart. That is something CRISTNA has no shortage of.

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Natalie Lange & Melody Duarte

Melody Duarte and Natalie Lange are the founders of Change is Ours, a non profit organization based in South Florida. It unites like-minded individuals to create change through community workshops, internship programs, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising events. They remain active in the community, curating some of the most powerful and life changing events.

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Karly Doehla

Karly is a one woman show. Handling all aspects of her boutique, styling clients with in home Konsultations, Karly is the true definition of a hard worker and go getter, and often shares uplifting and motivational messages with her followers on her personal page when she’s not dressed up as “KDOE” and making us laugh our butts off. 

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Gabrielle Amani

Gabrielle Amani, Founder and CEO of MEFeater, a music entertainment and fashion media company focused on the black diaspora. She has managed to put together a team that time and time again shows us how different, how much more progressive the media would be if we had more content dedicated to black stories rather than non-POC profiting off of our culture. Acting on this idea at only 17 years old, she has brought the company to amazing heights, this year scoring a partnership with Tyler Perry's Movie NoBody's Fool. 

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Sarah Akiba

She founded AWOM in remembrance of her late father, and to support others enduring loss. Incorporated her fashion and styling expertise into AWOM the brand, creating a coworking space and studio for women, AWOM Lab, recently opened AWOM Girls Club room, the first safe space for middle school girls in the public school system and most recently Le Cafe, an ode to her birthplace, Paris.

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Alexandra Katya Philius

As an Event Coordinator, Crowd Curator, Design Enthusiast, Creative Director, and so much more it is astounding that Alex even has time to breath, but she seems to effortlessly balance all of her endeavors while also being the glue to so many events! Besides how she stays sane and how she has managed to acquire the events and clients she has, I just want to know where she stores the energy to twerk through it all.

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