Erika Arguello & Maria Copello Of Baiser Beauty

Name: Erika Arguello & Maria Copello

Co-Founders Of Baiser Beauty

Where you can find them: instagram: @baiserbeauty


Erika & Maria are the co-founders of the cruelty free skin care and beauty brand Baiser Beauty. These two powerful women decided to use their skills, their heritage, and knowledge to create the kind of company they wanted to see in the world. 

Together they handle everything from production, packaging, design, customers, everything as the company continues to grow, most recently earning a space in Free People stores across the country. 

Aside from being organic, a feature of their products i love is the aromatherapy and charged crystals featured in some of their products and knowing how much love, thought, and positive energy they put into it makes it such a great company to support.

How much effect, if any, has your gender had on your path to success, specifically in your field?

For us being women in the beauty industry has been an amazing advantage and opportunity.

What does success look like to you?

Feeling happy and whole with our present lives as they are.

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Any opinions or advice, on balancing relationships or having a family VS. the perception of the public of women choosing success or love?

We support both decisions, what is most important is to honor your journey and be compassionate of what you can accomplish.

How do you remain committed to yourself and your goals? What does it look like? (journaling, mental checkins, meditation)

For us the commitment comes from being clear that our dream is our true purpose in life. This way no matter what challenge comes our way, we stay empowered to continue to trust and nourish the journey. We support this by meditating every day, journaling, practicing daily affirmations and Hoponopono.

What is your "why" ?

Why would we have to stay in our comfort zone if we can trust the universe and make all our dreams come true.

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How much of your success Do you attribute to your "tribe" Or Circle? What does yours look Like?

50% of our success is our tribe and 50% our personal empowerment. Our tribe is all about fairies, magic, healing, and supporting one another.

What were your lives like before baiser beauty?

E: I had a beautiful life but Baiser beauty helped me transform into the best version of myself. Through this experience i have grown and healed so many aspects of my life, that today i cannot feel more thankful and humble to have manifested my dream.

M: Although at the time I though I had my life figured out, it wasn't until Baiser Beauty started that the a true spiritual transformation happened for me. To observe how I can manifest my dream in my reality has been the tool to keep me empowered.

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How did you find yourselves in this industry?

E: Going back to my roots and re discovering my mayan traditions that have been part of my heritage.

M: Besides having the gift of natural recipes and remedies past down from generation to generation, it was an opportunity to empower women in an industry that has done the opposite for so many years.

What is it like building a business with your best gal pal?

E: The best experience ever. Forever thankful to my soul that I can share my biggest dream and journey with my soul sister.

M: A dream come true! Sharing this journey and re-discovering a relationship with other women based in love and support and not competition has been such a blessing.

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