Adriahnna Curry

Name: Adriahnna Curry

Founder: Mieux Mag

Where you can find her: Mieux Website

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Adriahnna is the Founder, owner, CEO, Editor-In-Chief, Creative Director of Mieux Magazine, an online community and publication for south Florida creatives. 

She has successfully orchestrated 6 award shows so far, and is currently working on the 7th that will take place in a little over a week. They feature stories on Musicians, photographers, artists, producers, and so many more and they shed light on creatives making strides to change the game in South Florida. 

How much effect, if any, has your gender had on your path to success, specifically in your field?

To be honest, not very much... I'm not at the forefront of my brand, which I love. I'm behind the scenes and most people don't realize that I'm the founder of Mieux until I come out on stage or make important announcements from my personal profile. I feel that this has pros and cons, however. I don't feel personally attacked when people @ Mieux on Twitter lol but I feel like people tend to follow brands they can personally relate to.

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What does success look like to you?

Success looks like being able to work full-time on my passion and not having to worry about bills being paid. I don't need to have six figures in the bank to feel successful. I'm at the point where I feel guilty for taking breaks. So maybe that's also what success looks like to me, being able to take a day off and not feel bad about it.

Any opinions or advice, on balancing relationships or having a family VS. the perception of the public of women choosing success or love?

Who cares what other people think? If you're happy, that's what matters.

How do you remain committed to yourself and your goals? What does it look like?

JOURNALS AND SCHEDULES. Being organized is the only thing that motivates me to get my work done. Sticky notes, highlighters, the works.

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What is your "why" ?

My purpose in life is to help others. I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up, but school was a no-go for me. My love for art, music, and fashion blossomed as I got older, so running a blog is the next best thing, right?

How much of your success Do you attribute to your "tribe" Or Circle? What does yours look Like?

I would consider my "tribe" to be my staff. Mieux wouldn't be what it is without my staff. The writers, photographers, editors, graphic artists. I wear many hats, but none of those are my style lol I need them.

It is not easy task building a platform like yours, Why south Florida, why creatives?

There aren't many outlets for us (I live vicariously through the artists featured). And after 7 years of running Mieux, there still isn't. It's a lot of work, because you can't please everyone, but I won't stop trying. I want to see all artists become successful in their craft and I'll do whatever I can to help!

Has their been any point in your life you’ve wanted to give up (or were headed down a different path) and are glad you didn’t?

Boy, oh boy. Many times lol It's discouraging when you give it your all and you still have people complaining. It comes with the territory though. It used to get to me and I used to take it to heart, but then I got messages from people saying how much they appreciate Mieux. So, that's who I do it for.

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I love your team and the caliber of content they put out and I know how hard it can be to find people you can trust with your baby (passion project), how have you built a team and how do you lead them?

It's taken a very long while. The turnover rate is pretty high because a lot of our staff also work full-time, like myself, or go to school, etc. The people that are on my team are confident in the brand and are willing to dedicate the extra time they have to building Mieux from the ground up. I try to be as motivating as possible, work with their schedules, and stay consistent with material.

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