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Where you can find her: Instagram: @cristyquinones

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I had the honor and pleasure of working on a flyer last fall that featured portraits of some very talented Atlanta based recording artists, that led to a song cover for CRISTNA last winter, and then a lyric video shortly after that. One thing I will always admire over popularity, money and talent, will always be a kind and genuine heart. That is something CRISTNA has no shortage of. While making the first flyer I was sketching out her portrait on my iPad at my car dealership, even with no eyes someone recognized her. He went on to say how kind she was, and talented. The few times he’d met her obviously left an impression and after working on two single releases, I can say I understand why. 

She is passionate on living and creating authentically. She rebels through her image, her hair styling choices and the views she shares with her audience, never shy to stand up for what she believes in.

How much effect, if any, has your gender had on your path to success, specifically in your field?

It has had a lot of issues. Especially when I was younger. I was seen as a naive girl and people rarely really took me seriously despite my knowledge in a field I grew up in. But it’s also had its upside. I can relate to women and be on a level of understanding that they can relate with.

What does success look like to you?

Success is happiness. It isn’t the fame or money or even the title. It’s genuinely happiness. I don’t wanna lose myself trying to be or look like I’m successful.

Any opinions or advice, on balancing relationships or having a family VS. the perception of the public of women choosing success or love?

That’s a tricky answer because we all want love. But with my past experience in that field I came to terms that love will come and go but my career which I am so passionate about will always be with me. I will never not want to sing or perform. I think at the end of the day do whatever makes you happy. But make sure you’re happy and that you’re doing what’s best for you. Because you matter at the end of the day.

How do you remain committed to yourself and your goals? What does it look like? (journaling, mental checkins, meditation)

I am a yoga addict. It’s something I got really into the beginning of 2018. I wanted to be a calmer me. I wanted to be the type of person that would think first before taking action. So I started to meditate and spend more time with my family. They keep me grounded and remind me that I am meant to be on stage.

How much of your success Do you attribute to your "tribe" Or Circle? What does yours look Like?

I am thankful for my tribe. I went through a couple years of never having that close knit group of friends. But I am thankful to be surrounded by such bad ass, passionate and inspiring women. They all have their own unique goals and it’s wonderful to see. We all push and strive to be better. I don’t think I’d be as confident as I am now without them by my side. They helped me through a lot of my growth.

How do you maintain your individuality in your industry?

I just continue to be myself. A couple years ago I tried so hard to be like every other girl out there that I lost myself in the crowd. But I didn’t realize that I am already unique in a way that no one can compare. It doesn’t make me go insane trying to be anyone else either.

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Being brave enough to not only stand up to racism and bigotry but also Bring it to your platform cant be easy when there are so many varied opinions, what prompted you to share and did you deal with backlash?
Since I was a kid I dealt with comments about my mother being Mexican and kids would make jokes about how they saw my family washing up on shore. I grew up in the suburbs of Georgia so the area I was in didn’t have many Latinos. But I dealt with it and I stood up to it. And as I’ve gotten older I realized I have a bigger platform now to share my opinions and fight for what I feel is right. Despite backlash at least I know I’m speaking up and making a difference even if it’s in a small way.

How are you breaking stigmas of what a woman in music should be, do, or look like?

I am ceasing to be anything other than myself. I’ve always been this girl that was too loud, too stubborn, too weird. I chopped off all of my hair not because of a trend but because I was tired of my beauty being tied to the length of my hair. I make music that speaks about pure independence and owning it. Breaking stigmas is what we should all do. The status quo is boring.

What has been the most challenging part of following this dream? The most rewarding?

The most challenging has been to separate emotions with business. Which I am learning and getting better at. The most rewarding has been the people on the way.

Check out her latest single, and my latest lyric video here!