Karly Doehla

Name: Karly Doehla

Owner: Kasa Karly

Where you can find her: @Kasakarly @thatkarlydoe www.kasakarly.com

Karly is truly a force. I always imagined she must be doing a lot but when I’ve been able to take a real glimpse at what she does for her company I’m in awe. From acquiring merchandise, to uploading them to the site, from coordinating and directing product shots, to keeping social media updated and interactive, to fulfilling orders, making house calls, staying fit (I’m already out of breath) and she does it with such energy, the amount of love she has for what she’s doing just radiates through it all. She created her company to help women feel good about themselves and create a personal shopping experience, her clothing is dedicated to servicing all sizes and empowers all with confidence. Karly is the true definition of a hard worker and go getter, and often shares uplifting and motivational messages with her followers on her personal page when she’s not dressed up as “KDOE” and making us laugh our butts off. 

How much effect, if any, has your gender had on your path to success, specifically in your field?

My Gender plays a huge role in my path to success. Mainly because I sell womens clothing, accessories, and hair products. However, on social media I do have a large male following. Slowly, they are starting to purchase the shaving Cream products as well as our new hoop huggies since the new trend took effect.

What does success look like to you?

Success to me looks like emotional and financial stability. Without being emotionally put together your business, personal life, career, home, will all suffer. The business industry especially, takes so many twists and turns. If you are not prepared to handle faliure it could tear you down. To be emotionally strong is a great strength many forget is needed, and to me it is the ultimate trophy of success. Financial stability is a clear indication of success in my eyes. If you're doing well in life, or are considered to be a "successful person" I associate that with a decent income. I also believe it to be a necessity for a happy life these days. Most people think that means 5 billion dollars. Although thats nice, id like to just be able to do what I love, and pay my bills with peace.

Any opinions or advice, on balancing relationships or having a family VS. the perception of the public of women choosing success or love?

You hear success stories of women who raised three kids on welfare, went to college, worked three jobs, and became some great C.E.O. or business owner. My theory, if you want something bad enough, you'll have it. I am determined to be successful with my company. However, if I were to be emotionally unstable, (which I previously mentioned was a huge factor to being successful) I could allow something like an unhealthy relationship, or unfair terms from a partner derail me. I hear all the time women telling me "do it now while you can". It is simply something I've never understood. To have a hope and dream that is given up because a partner has forced me to choose between them and my success. ALWAYS remember, a good partner will do nothing but support, guide, love, and push you to do better. Having a partner who batters your self esteem and tells you things like "you can't do it" will ruin you and your visions. I have dealt with this first hand, and let me tell you, he is LONG gone. Being emotionally sound is so important, to remember you can do anything, no matter what anyone says. Having a healthy loving relationship puts you on the correct path to success. Sometimes dumping the friends and partners that put us down, (even though it hurts so much), forces us to grow and evolve as people. Learning to deal with pain, loss, and put yourself back together ALONE reminds you what a bad ass you are, how long have you hid your inner badass?! So many are uncomfortable alone, how horrible to be uncomfortable in your own skin? we must love ourselves, take ourselves on dates, and fulfill our lives with what is needed for US. So rid your life of others who consistently leave their negative mark, rise by yourself and with yourself. The internal peace is worth more than you'll ever know. Now finding balance? That you learn as you go. You need family and alone time to reflect and enjoy what it is you work so hard for. Not enough hours in the day? Wake up earlier. Ive learned to get up early and accomplish as much as possible when I know date night will be happening at 8pm. As well, if you're at dinner, NO PHONES. It can wait, but you can not recreate memories. You can have it all, if you want it.

How do you remain committed to yourself and your goals? What does it look like?

I wish I could say this was easy. Sometimes being a business owner requires serious mental breaks. I have tried meditation but failed miserably each time. My most recent way to keep my goals in line? I take action on it. I don't write it down, I don't speak about it, I just do it. That way if I have started the conversation it needs to be finished. If I want to be a sponsor for an event, I will message the event coordinator that very second and await their reply. This has been pretty successful for me, it only fails when they party doesn't reply and I forget. I have started using an agenda but I find myself not having time to plan, my planning. Sounds crazy right? For now I keep myself committed by simply, committing. I have to take the action or ill put it off. Long term goals? I take actions that put me in the direction of achieving them. Create a trail of bread crumbs, (meetings or events), that will help me find my way home, AKA to my goal.

How much of your success Do you attribute to your "tribe" Or Circle? What does yours look Like?

NONE! Lord knows I have lost so many relationships on my path to success. I guess it was a clear indicator I had chosen the wrong tribe. I do not agree with the status quo that "the top is lonely". Rather, the path to the top is lonely. It takes a lot of work hours, serious dedication, and sometimes making hard choices others won't understand. You will miss birthday parties for life changing meetings that can not be pushed to a later date, and you will meet true friends who show you yours are all wearing masks. People these days love to say "I support" but they never do. Many will be so jealous and it is such a shame how difficult it is to find a loyal friend. Although this hurt me very much, I see it as a blessing. That at some point they would only bring me down. As I have kept my head on straight and focused with work, my new very small, (but very loyal), tribe pushes me and celebrates my success. Why? because they're successful too. Always surround yourself with people doing better than you. Its constant motivation, they will never be jealous, and they've all been through the worst. Encouraging words from your inner circle can sometimes be a missing link in success

Why house calls?

All women, men, animals, kids, EVERYONE, feels comfortable in their home. I saw a constant battle between women and clothing stores with diva employees. I myself, felt so insecure trying on clothes in almost all of Miami’s local boutiques. It almost seemed like the more popular the store was, the bigger a bully the women working was. The last thing I wanted to do when an item didn't fit was ask for help from the judgmental and rude employee. I felt insecure, ashamed of my body, and hopeless when it came to shopping. One day I applied to be a manager for a new boutique opening in Miami. I got the job and immediately felt obligated to change the way women felt inside stores. I always welcomed guests with a smile, never touched my phone, showed all the new products, and waited outside the fitting room incase they needed a bigger (or smaller) size. News flash to the other boutiques, most women don't like asking for a size large from across a giant room filled with other women who look like Barbie dolls. Sales in the store flew, but most importantly they kept coming back just for me. Besides making women look good, I made them feel good. I showed them that all the inner beauty they had was hiding behind sweat pants and oversized shirts. Why not bring their inner beauty out with color? With outfits that screamed "I am confident and powerful"? When I was creating my vision for Kasa Karly I asked myself how can I make this even better. The answer? do it in their home! Now I can make women feel beautiful in the comfort of their bedroom. Not only that, but how many times have you been at a mall and said " Man, I really don't know if this top matches those shoes", well, there you go! Problem solved. Don't know what size you are? No problem, I have more. Cant figure out what your new Kasa Karly top matches? Lets open your closet and figure it out together. I am a team mate to these women. Recently, we now remove all old and unwanted clothes from your closet and donate them to homeless shelters and Goodwill locations. The in-home Konsultations are what set me apart and a no brainer.

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How big is your team and your personal workload?

My team is Me, Myself, and I. Sometimes I sub-contract girls or hire friends when I need help but I currently carry all my own work load. Social media marketing, website development, in homes, pop ups, shipping, emails, I do it all! While I am so proud of myself, I am also very tired! I am looking to expand and finally hire a person permanently, but this will happen when I expand to a bigger office location and organize company insurance policies. For now, the girls I use here and there do a wonderful job.

You often use your platform to entertain and to send uplifting messages, what points in your journey attribute to your passion to share that side of Karly?

When I first started Kasa Karly my whole life turned upside down. It was like god handed me the greatest thing I could ever ask for and then tore my whole life from me. All I wanted to do was sit and cry. I wanted to hide from the world in my room to grieve for all that had happened. However, I had bills to pay. I quickly had to remind myself who I was and pull it together. I wished so much for uplifting messages from people who had been in my shoes. With my heart heavy, tears in my eyes, and feeling hopeless I pushed myself to make it work. I wish I could say it was from inner strength, but really I had just quit my full time job to live out my dream and I really like to eat. When I finally dragged myself through the mess and found stability, I couldn't help but realize how just months ago I swore my life was over. I told myself every morning "what did I do, I should have never quit, how am I supposed to pay rent". Yet here I was, paying rent, I wasn't starving, and I could afford my bills, barley, but I could do it. It took tragedy for me to fall in love with who I was as a women. I finally saw the strength I suppressed for so long. It was when I had no one, I found myself. It would be a disservice to not share these stories with others. All I want is for people to see how strong they truly are, but they have to choose to be strong. I love to remind others that a future worth having often is filled with many unwanted turns. These uplifting messages are my way of letting my followers know I love them and I am here for them. It also encourages them to follow their dreams, pushing themselves to be the best of the best. Now the entertaining funny videos I do, thats just me being silly hoping to put a smile on someones face. I enjoy making them and if others enjoy watching them, ill continue to do them.

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AS CEO what kinds of hard decisions have you had to make?

I have to say the hardest decisions always seem to be with employees or models. Sometimes you don't find the right fit and even if they're friends you have to let them go. Most people are very emotional over these decisions but I just see it as business. Models were a huge challenge for me to find in the beginning because a lot of them would not show up for shoots, or cancel last minute. This meant I had to mark them as not re-hirable and explain to them it wasn't going to work. The other hard decisions I have I face everyday selecting inventory. Sometimes I find myself going crazy over when to spend our budget. Jewelry or clothes? what kind? what color? what sizes? it can really make anyone want to pull their hair out. What makes it even harder? if no one buys it, its no ones else's fault besides my own...