Art is lasting, life is brief.

25 year old Afro Latina author, illustrator, educator, photographer and visual artist. For her, art has always been a tool by which she could dive deeper into herself. The joy and clarity it brings her has led her to devote her work to help others heel and make others more aware of societal injustice.  Her client base is predominantly women and she strives to help them on their journeys to create businesses that are inclusive, conscious, and forward thinking. She lets her culture and experiences as a women shine through in her work in the hopes others can see representation for their experiences and feel empowered.

Her skill sets and background varies widely, the underlying theme for all her need to understand and help others. She received a BA in psychology from Florida International University, taught graphic design and visual arts for 4 years in a public high school. Here she further developed not only her skillset but her passion to teach, motivate and inspire.